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Compliance Consulting Limited is your dependable partner throughout all stages of your licensing application process, from assembling and completion of required documents to liaising with regulators.


Our proven track record of the successful applications for over 100 entities in obtaining their regulatory licenses, addition of regulated activities, change of substantial shareholders and uplifting licensing conditions further reinforce our reliable and invaluable services. 

We handle all types of licensing applications for newly incorporated as well as established corporations with the SFC, HKMA and stocks and futures exchanges; Money Service Operator licenses with the HK Customs and Excise Department; Money Lenders Licenses with the Companies Registry and Hong Kong Police Force; as well as responsible officer or representative licenses for individuals.

Based on the assessment completed by our team of experts, a high level roadmap with key milestones will be established to guide you along the application process which covers:​​​​

  • Providing guidance on licensing requirements

  • Assessing the competence and fitness and properness of the Responsible Officers

  • Preparing the application forms and all essential documents such as: business plan, compliance & internal control manual and anti-money laundering (AML) & counter-financing of terrorism (CFT) manual

  • Liaising with the regulators

  • Liaising with company secretary, legal advisors, custodian, fund administrator, tax advisors and auditors on all operational aspects

  • Working closely with Mario Recruitment to give you access to the most extensive talent pool in every key function

Upon the success of your application, we can then provide a customized retainer compliance package to ensure your peace of mind so that you can focus on growing your business.

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