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Businesses that operate in heavily regulated environments, in particular the financial industry, require sophisticated compliance services and guidance.

With more than 15 years of industry expertise and local insight, our Compliance team will be invaluable in giving your company the best support to cope with the ever-changing and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. 

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A range of  retainer packages 

available to fit 

your company's 

size and needs.

Professional assistance, guidance and advice on the whole licensing process.

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We provide

on-site and

off-site review to strengthen your company's edge. 

We help you to develop and review manuals that are 

regulatory compliant and tailored to your business needs.

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We provide

 on-site training

for licensed persons

to fulfill their continuous professional training (CPT)

requirement. Comprehensive topics are also made available via our online training platform. 

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compliance services

to bring

practical solutions

to your

business ideas while meeting regulatory requirements.

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Our Post-Trade Review System (“PTRS”) is

an innovative online solution to reduce operational cost and complexity of post trade monitoring.

We provide

tailor-made  book-keeping and payroll services to help increase operational efficiency and reduce cost.

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