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      Compliance Retainer

When cost and competence are of paramount importance to your company, a compliance retainer is a cost-effective method to obtain the services of accomplished compliance professionals on an ongoing basis.

Our retainer package is customized to the needs of your company and on a basis that would optimize your benefits from our services. Two dedicated personnel will be assigned to each retainer client to ensure the quality and responsiveness of our service. 


Our standard retainer services include:

  • Setting up the compliance framework

  • Handling all correspondence and statutory filings with regulators

  • Providing ad hoc compliance advice

  • Reviewing and updating compliance policies and procedures

  • Providing regulatory news update

  • Designing all forms and templates to meet regulatory requirements

  • Liaising with regulators during inspection

  • Handling all licensing applications

  • Conducting regular compliance review

  • No limit to number of phone calls and email enquiries

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